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5 Warning Signs You Need A New Toilet

October 21, 2016

What’s the most important room in your house? Some people might say the bedroom, or the kitchen, but the truth is you can’t go past the toilet. It may be a dirty business, but you rely on your toilet daily. That’s why it’s so important to recognise when it’s breaking down. There are plenty of signs that suggest you need to replace your toilet plumbingand some are easier to spot than others. Luckily for you we have compiled a list of the tell-tale signs that you need a new toilet. 


Are you taken for a ride when you sit down on the toilet? If your toilet rocks or wobbles when you take a seat then there is something wrong. The cause could be something as simple as loose bolts on the base of the toilet but there could be something more sinister going on. If your toilet fails the wobble test the wax ring under your toilet could be degrading. Even worse, a rotten subfloor could be the cause of your problem. Sometimes your bolts can be tightened and your ring can be replaced but a lot of the time a wobbling toilet will require professional bathroom repairs and a new unit. 


Is your toilet running? Well then you might want to catch it! Joke if you will, but constantly running water is no laughing matter. If water is constantly running or your toilet bowl is spontaneously refilling then it might be time for a new loo. If a professional can’t diagnose a problem part in your toilet then chances are their water leak detection will uncover a crack. But some things are worse than constant water. Like… 


If your toilet has an ineffective flush, or even worse, it fails to flush altogether, you have a pretty serious problem. First of all, the sight and smell of your toilet will quickly become unbearable, but secondly, it points to a deeper problem with your system. Call your plumber and they will decide whether it’s just a matter of an adjustment or if you will need a new system. 


If your toilet is in need of repairs more often than not it’s a sign that it will soon be beyond repair. Save yourself the time, money and stress and invest in a new toilet. It may be a bigger expense up front, but it will save you in the long term. 


On a similar note, if you need to pull the plunger out on a weekly basis, then your toilet is probably in need of replacing. Many older toilets in Adelaide are plagued by the need to double flush and the constant recurrence of blockages. Your toilet may just be too old. Invest in a shiny new model and cash in on the water saving features too!

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