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6 Reasons why plumbing maintenance is important!

September 14, 2017

When it comes to the plumbing throughout our homes, we often don’t think or act on the problems until it's too late. We wait until we have seen a burst pipe or mould on the walls before we even consider calling a plumber. The best way to ensure the longevity of your home (and remove the stress of an exploding pipe under your sink) is to schedule regular professional maintenance, even if there isn't a visible problem on the surface. 


There are many reasons why regular plumbing maintenance is vital, and more importantly, many reasons why regular maintenance will greatly benefit the average homeowner in the long run. Here are some of the most important reasons why you should be considering regular plumbing maintenance for your home.



If you wait until something goes wrong before calling your plumber, your bill for plumbing replacements and other fixes could be excessive. Regular plumbing maintenance, can detect a problem early, or even prevent issues at all by making minor changes and tweaks to your sinks, taps, or water heaters. Plumbing is a reliant and consequential system, meaning that the damage incurred in one section, could lead to damages all throughout the system, therefore being proactive in the maintenance department only benefits your bank account. If you wait until an issue is present, it can mean an expensive replacement or fix that could've been found in its infancy. By getting in a plumber to review your home you can save yourself a lot of money by potentially avoiding the possibility of entire replacements and large-scale alterations. 



It is not surprising that volatile pipes and water heaters can be dangerous! However, even small leaks can make a home more hazardous. Mould and mildew build ups are encountered in areas where the water continues to leak into carpet, walls, or flooring often rotting materials in all areas. Having these issues present in your home can also be bad for your immune system - particularly in small children. These same build ups can even affect the integrity of your home’s structure, leading to collapsing roofs or walls if a leak is persistent. 


A similar danger can be encountered if drains are easily clogged or blocked, making a buildup of pressure in the pipe causing it to likely break or explode. Let’s not forget how horrible it could be if your water heater conks out in the middle of winter! 


Detecting problems early 

Perhaps the most important aspect of plumbing maintenance is ensuring that issues that have the potential to worsen are detected early. The house-of-cards that can be encountered by leaving an issue for an extended period unattended can mean an ignored problem leads to a more expensive, intrusive, and stressful repair and reconstitution of a plumbing system


Small problems can affect the entire network of plumbing in your home. For example, a single blocked pipe places pressure on the entire system of connecting pipes, and after a while can damage all different aspects of drainage. So by being on the front-foot, (and not waiting for a flooded bathroom) you can save yourself time, money, and keep your house in good condition. 


Extending the life of your home 

During a maintenance appointment, a plumber can find and act on a small issue before it’s too late to handle it quickly and cheap. Plumbing maintenance check-ups often involve the review of water pressure and drainage, two aspects that affect the entire network of piping in a home. This means that solving one small issue ensures the longevity of larger plumbing network in your home.  


Once issues like mould and mildew are present within a home, it can be a timely and pesky issue to counter. So by locating the seemingly mundane problems, your home could remain stable for the foreseeable future without huge costs.


Keeping your bills down 

It’s not just the cost of plumbing replacement that can be a headache, but the cost of energy bills. These other regular expenses are an important thing to consider when it comes to water running through your home. An example of this is a leaking tap, something that can easily be ignored over time. However, the amount of water dripping from the tap over a period can add up and place a much larger dollar amount on your water bill. 


Sometimes, a leak may not be visible, but similarly, the continuing leak will add litres of unused water that will still be present on your water bill. The price of a maintenance appointment can be a small price to pay in the grander schemes of lasting damages and energy bills!


Often you need an expert 

Although you can keep an eye out for signs and maybe tighten a pipe or two, a seasoned professional is vital to ensuring that your system lasts! As a homeowner, the last thing you want to do is spend your weekends searching for leaking pipes and mould, but the industry professionals have all the capabilities to ensure that your home stays dry and mould free. 


By running trained tests to do with pressure, flow, and drainage, a veteran plumber can detect issues that you may have never considered or cannot see. Looking for certain problems means that the homeowner will be the benefactor in the long run, and that you will not need to spend exorbitant amounts of money down the road. 


If you want to keep cost down and save your home from lasting damage, give Hebbard Plumbing a call ASAP!