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7 Safety checks to make before hiring a plumber

Questions should be asked whenever you let someone into your home you don’t know, and workers like builders, electricians and plumbers are no exception. When welcoming someone such as a plumber into your Adelaide home to complete a project or help fix a plumbing issue, there are several things you should ask to ensure that the job can be completed safely.


By assuring a level of security, the primary focus of the home or business owner can be concentrated on the plumbing job. The following are seven safety checks to make before hiring a plumber in Adelaide.


1.Police check 

Being a process that all businesses undergo one way or another, you should check how diligently a company screens their employees. In you are getting plumbing work done to a childcare, school, or even your home with expensive belongings, you may want to check with the company how their employing process works. More often than not, a company will involve police checks, references, and a background check when they have a job opening, however it is always a good idea to ask. 


This provides peace-of-mind for the person getting the service and ensures that the plumbers working on your home are safe individuals to be around. It also shows that the employer adequately screens their workers before taking them into their company, which contributes to the professionalism of the entire business.


2. Reputation 

In today’s internet-based society, the reputation of a given company is commonly determined through a combination of online reviews and former client testimonials. If there have been numerous bad experiences with the company you are thinking about engaging with, you may decide to look elsewhere for the plumbing service. If the proposed plumbing business is notorious for being undesirable and unsafe, you can find this all out in the preliminary stages of planning. Similarly, if you are considering a particular person or group, and their online reputation is consistently positive, you know you have made the right choice! After the job is completed, this is also something you can contribute to, and with the potential of a future review pending, plumbing professionals will be keen to give you the best possible service they are capable of. 



More for the safety of your bank account, to avoid confusion or complications toward the end of this process, it is crucial to find out how a plumber bills you for their service. Some workers provide a flat rate, and others go with an hourly system. Based on the complexity and duration of your proposed work, either option may be preferable to your situation. 


If the work is more likely to involve complications and consequential extra work, the flat rate option may best fit your budget. However, if you have an understanding of the simplicity of a task, you may want to consider the hourly rate. 


4. Clean-up 

A construction site can be hazardous, especially when children are constantly around. So for the safety of everyone inside your home or business, you should be checking whether the people you are screening for the work provide a cleanup service.


Any remnants of plumbing work such as screws, pipes or general debris can be hazardous. This cleanup service may involve the correct and legal disposal of the debris. This is an option that removes the stress and effort of the owner doing it. 


During the initial stages of quoting and planning, by asking the plumber whether the clean-up is included in the cost, you know whether or not a safe space will be left behind when the job is complete. 

5. Experience 

Something you may not consider for the security of any plumbing work you are getting done to your home, is the age and experience of the business. If you contract a brand new business to do the work there is the unfortunate possibility that they can go out of business during a project, meaning you are left trying to get the work finished by another company. Companies that have been around for a long time are less likely to pull out of work due to financial situations. 


A new business may not have the capital to amend any unsatisfactory components of the work. If there is an unexpected issue that arises with the project, a company that has been around for a long time will be able to afford the compensation or price to fix the issue. 


6. Who exactly will be working in my home? 

Another way to check on the safety of your home when dealing with an unknown company is to research exactly who will be working on the plumbing project. In larger companies often the person who quotes and organise the jobs isn’t the tradesman that will be completing the work. This is a crucial thing to ask as it can determine whether subcontractors are being used. 


This level of screening also may identify if the employees of the company have the experience needed for the task to be carried out efficiently. Asking the potential businesses these questions shows you are cautious of who will be working on your home, and will ultimately result in a greater peace of mind. 


7. Licensing 

Finally, unprofessional and unsafe plumbers would not be able to obtain the necessary license required to participate in the trade legally. So, by being diligent and checking that the potential contractors have all of the necessary permits and qualifications means that they have passed all of the necessary training to undertake plumbing maintenance safely


A significant part of receiving the plumbing trade qualifications is the ability to identify unsafe situations and work site conditions. This not only ensures the safety of the workers themselves but in the case of working in a business or a home, they can establish a safe site for the residents. 


For financial safety, personal safety, and physical security with your plumber make these checks, and you will be able to have stress-free plumbing maintenance where everyone’s goal is the quality of the final product. Give Hebbard Plumbing a call today!