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Are all hot water systems the same?

It is easy to assume that all hot water systems are the same, after all, they all ultimately do the same thing - heat water. However, we are here to tell you that hot water systems are vastly different. There is a range of products that differ in price, durability, and efficiency. The following are some of the broad options that are out there for hot water systems.


Gas storage hot water system

Storage options are large cylinders placed on the side of your home. This operates by using gas to heat the contents of the tank when a hot water tap is turned on inside the home; this water is then fed to the right location. These options don’t create an infinite supply of hot water, therefore in larger homes, they can run out in the evenings. However, the heating capabilities of these systems are sufficient.


Five-star gas storage heaters

These kinds of gas hot water systems operate at a higher efficiency. They require less gas to heat the water and therefore save homeowners from excessive gas utility bills. The efficiency at which they heat means that in the case that you run out of hot water, it will take less time to heat up the new water. Some five-star-rated hot water systems can heat up to 200 litres an hour once the 300-litre tank is depleted. These often cost more due to the higher rating. However, the money you can save can potentially recoup this price.


Electric storage hot water system

Still a storage system, these systems use general electricity for their heating capabilities. These are some of the cheapest options on the market and vary in dramatically in sizes. These are common for smaller households who are less likely to deplete the water storage. The range of sizes means that it is easy to find something the suits your particular needs.


Gas continuous flow water heater

Potentially the most popular option available, the continuous flow water heater is a discrete box that is placed on the side of your home. This is primarily a heating unit that heats that water as it comes through and delivers it into your home as you need it. This creates an endless supply of hot water and is a preferable option for larger houses. Users also gravitate to the discrete style of this water heater, as it can easily be fixed to the side of the building without taking up significant time.


With a variety of products available, there is a hot water system that will suit every home size, location and budget. For more information on these products and their benefits, give the experienced team at Hebbard Plumbing a call.


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