Bathroom Plumbing

Fast Repairs for Leaking Bathroom Taps and More


From maintenance to repairs and installations, it’s important to keep your bathroom plumbing in perfect shape. If you have leaking bathroom taps, blocked shower drains or you just need hot water installation, we can help you. We guarantee work that’s done right the first time, every time.


You can prevent major plumbing issues. Read about how easy to get blocked drains – and how you can prevent this.


Relief from Leaks and Blockages


The smells and sounds of leaking bathroom taps and clogged sinks can keep you up at night. Worse than that – they can cause major damage if left unchecked.


One leaking tap can equate to 20,000 litres or more of wasted water and that goes straight on to your water bill. Blocked drains can cause you plenty of plumbing problems and even damage your pipes in the long run. We can unblock drains, repair and replace taps, maintain pipes and more. Contact our team for all your bathroom plumbing, including:

  • Leaking taps
  • Blocked shower drains
  • Clogged bathroom sinks
  • All other bathroom maintenance and repairs!


Hot Water System Installations and Repairs


There aren’t many things that are better than a long hot shower. If your hot water system isn’t working properly, we can complete the repairs and maintenance, or install your new system for you. Our team are fully qualified, taking the stress out of repairs, and getting you back to your hot shower sooner.


If you’re looking for a hot water system around Adelaide, Plympton, Glenelg, and beyond, we can recommend the best system for your needs. With more than 50 years in the industry, we have all the knowledge to help you.


Upgrade Your Shower With a Mixer Tap


At Hebbard Plumbing we pride ourselves on providing a better bathroom experience for you. If your shower isn’t working like it used to, or you just want to upgrade, we can install and repair shower mix taps.


You’ve probably seen mixer taps around – they are a great option in controlling overall water temperature and pressure from a single lever rather than two. Not only do they look great, they provide more precise control and can be easily adjusted for all your needs, which can give you peace of mind for safety reasons – especially when you have younger children in the home. Our team takes care of all bathroom installations, and can recommend and install the best products for you and your family.



If you have leaking bathroom taps, need hot water repairs or shower mixer taps, call us on (08) 8246 7632 or submit an online form today.