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Can I Fix a Leaking Tap or Do I Need a Plumber in Adelaide?


A leaking or malfunctioning tap can not only be potentially expensive but also a nuisance. A leaking faucet can waste large amounts of energy, water and create damp problems such as rotting and mould around the house. Many tap problems require a plumber to fix them, but as a homeowner, you can save yourself time and money by knowing when to tackle the problem yourself.

When to Fix a Tap Yourself

Many common tap problems can be fixed with a few simple hand tools. Why not have a go yourself in these situations?


• If water is dripping out of the spout once you turn off the tap. Or if you have to shut down the tap with greater force than normal to stop the water flow, you can suspect it is due to a worn washer. Another symptom may be that the dripping becomes steadily worse over time.
Replacing a washer yourself is a straightforward and cheap problem to solve. To prevent washers wearing out quickly, never turn your taps off harder than needed to stop the water flow.


• Damaged, worn or sticking taps can be easily screwed back on. If this happens quite frequently, it may be time to consider upgrading to a better quality tap fitting.

These are simple tasks you can do to fix your leaking taps, safely and at any time, just remember to turn off the house's water first to save from unwanted water sprays.


When to Get a Professional Plumber to Do It for You

Some tap problems require the expertise of a plumber. We’ve listed some potential situations where it is best to call the professionals.


• If you’re finding that water is leaking from anywhere other than the sprout, you may need to call a plumber. This is an indication that there may be a cracked tap, broken pipe, or poor quality, ill-fitting tap, and could mean a messy job requiring the right expertise to repair properly.


• If you can hear a banging or creaking sound when turning on your taps, it indicates a problem with the pipes that require a plumber.


• Discoloured water also indicates that your pipes may be corroded or damaged and should be assessed by a plumber as soon as possible.


• Other problems that are unknown in origin; such as lower than usual water pressure, no hot water and larger leaks that begin suddenly all indicate that it is time to call a plumber.

Be sure to give the team at Hebbard Plumbing a call if your plumbing problems are out of your reach. We can organise a qualified professional to come to you with a no-obligation free quote and make sure your all your home plumbing is in spectacular condition.