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Do Plumbers Have to Be Licensed?

Doing major plumbing work on your home or business is illegal. Only a licensed plumber can do work on plumbing appliances and installations. This applies to the majority of work that will be done on your property, whether that be your home, rental property, business or boat.


If you do any plumbing work without a license, you may receive a fine. Not to mention the dangers you are exposing yourself to, which could result in serious injury or even death. Many insurance companies may not cover personal injury claims caused by DIY plumbing work.

A licensed plumber has the right equipment, training and knowledge to do the job in accordance with the appropriate regulations and rules. Many licensed plumbers say those who are unlicensed may be able to offer homeowners work at a lower price, but don’t provide the quality and assurance of workmanship that comes with the standards of a licensed plumber.


At Hebbard Plumbing we are respected master plumbers in the Adelaide community. With over 50 years experience you can rest assured that you're getting superior service and business performance all at an affordable price. We've got you covered with everything from blocked toilets to leaking taps and water heater installation.


When Do You Need to Use a Licensed Plumber?

A licensed plumber must complete work from the water and sewer main connection points at your property's borders, inclusive of the pipework in your home.


For example:
• Installing or replacing a new hot water service, including gas systems in Adelaide 
• Installation of additional fixtures, such as showers, toilets and sinks
• Extending or altering pipework
• Bathroom and kitchen plumbing renovations


When it comes to the water sewerage network, water meters and network connection points in metropolitan Adelaide, it is usually the responsibility of SA Water.


When Can You Do Plumbing Work in Your Home?

Provided you have the skills to do so safely, you can:


Maintain, repair or install a garden irrigation system
• Tap installation or repairs
• Jumper valve or washer replacement in a tap
• Showerhead installation
• Connect a dishwasher or washing machine
• Replacement of drop valve washers, or suction cup rubber in a toilet cistern.
• Clearing a blocked wastewater drain provided it has a diameter of less than 50mm
• Any work on stormwater pipes, provided they have a diameter of less than 90mm.

Keep in mind that you should keep a copy of your certificate of compliance and invoices for any work done on your property as proof that it was done correctly, for at least five years.


When it comes to undergoing plumbing work on your property, it's best to leave it to a licensed professional. At Hebbard Plumbing every one of our plumbers are licensed professionals. Why not give Hebbard Plumbing a call today on 08 8294 5400 and take advantage of our free quotation service.