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How a plumber can help with water efficiency?

When those quarterly utility bills roll in, it can lead to a lot of head scratching wondering why is my water bill so high? But don't worry, there are plenty of changes that can be made around the house to reduce these bills and save you a lot of money. You may not have considered the additional water that is flowing down the drains, but it costs you money! 


Savings on Bills

So, if you are looking to cut down on your bills, there are a few things a plumber can help with that will ensure that you are reaching the maximum efficiency with your water flow in all areas of your house. There are new appliances you can install today that will help you tomorrow, and particular problems you can look out for to make sure you save on future bills. Even the smallest leaks and drips can cost you a fortune, and they are often an easy fix. 


Let's be honest, the toilet in your home is one of the most-used appliances when it comes to water. With this in mind, it may be time to get a plumber in to have a look at the pipes connecting to the toilet. Small leaks resulting from improper fittings or split pipes significantly add to the accumulative amount of water you are using, obviously meaning your bill will be larger. Getting in a plumber to fix even the smallest of leaks will benefit your utility bills in the long run. 


With toilets, there are also new models that can be purchased and installed by a plumber that a designed to be water saving. Some toilets can use around 12 litres of water per flush, but newer models, with higher efficiency ratings, use half of that. For bathroom plumbing there are even options available that recycle water from a bathroom hand basin into the toilet! The initial cost of a toilet such as this may feel like a hit to the bank account, but with its direct decrease on utility bills, the money can be recouped over time. 



Low Flow Fixtures

Low-flow water fixtures can be added to multiple areas throughout your home to ensure that you are getting the maximum efficiency for your water usage. Getting a plumber to install these low-flow fixtures to sinks, shower heads, and toilets means that less water is used every time you turn on the appliance, without an effect on the water pressure. 


People can be very particular about the pressure of their shower, but even though these fixtures use less water, the pressure is not affected. These fixtures use an internal technique that uses less water to produce a high or equal pressure flow compared with older sink, toilet and shower options. Low-flow water fixtures are a low-cost option, and in the long run, can save you a significant portion of your daily water usage without any effect on your water bill. 


A similar option is to ask your plumber to install a tap aerator or flow restrictor to any existing taps in the house. This is an affordable option, and the devices are quick and easy to attach. Once again this unit is used to limit the amount of water coming out with every use of the appliance and therefore contributing to a smaller water bill. 


A reputable and experienced plumber can also help your overall water efficiency by using their industry knowledge to help you decide which appliance best suits your budget. Everyday consumers will be provided with a WELS rating (Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards) for rating out of five for any water flow-related product. This requires all products to be rated based on their energy efficiency, including, washing machines, toilets, taps, showers, and dishwashers. The WELS sticker on each product has the specific water flow information, giving customers the exact amount of litres this product will use. A plumber can help you make the decision regarding which plumbing maintenance options is best suited for your Adelaide homeand budget. 


Rather than implementing a new fixture, if you have older taps and shower heads, a full replacement may be the answer to your water bill issues. Increasingly more available are water saving taps and shower heads that can cut the litres used per minute by 50%. It is important also to note that using less water in the shower means that less gas is needed to heat the water. This means that using water-saving shower heads can cut costs on your gas bill as well as your water bill! 


Finding Leaks 

Finally, any small leaks or dripping appliances you have around the house can be fixed by a plumber to save you significant money on bills. A single dripping tap can waste up to 24, 000 litres of water a year! And often this is something as simple as replacing a washer in the tap, which a plumber can do in minutes. 


Sometimes these leaks aren't visible but are from cracks in the pipes within the walls; plumbers can efficiently locate, repair, and ultimately avoid the accumulative amount of water that is wasted through the leak. A nice trick to figuring out if you have a leak within your walls is to check your water meter before you go to bed or leave the house and check again later when you haven't used any water, if the meter has gone up, you may have a leak. 


These are just some of the ways a Hebbard Plumbing can help with the overall water efficiency of your Adelaide home. If you want to save yourself a lot of money in the future, you should contact a plumber and explore some of these products and options for the longevity of your budget.