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How to avoid DIY plumbing disasters?


With a leaking tap or an old shower head that needs replacing, your first instinct may be to fix the problem yourself. While doing it yourself plumbing can sometimes be an option, a lot of the time this leads to disasters. Whether this is flooding or further damage to pipes, often the smallest fix can destroy walls, flooring and priceless objects around the house. We are here to tell you that the best way to avoid these kinds of disasters, is to bite the bullet and hire a professional plumber.


Plumbing Experience

No matter what the issue is, professional plumbers like the team at Hebbard Plumbing, have encountered the majority of plumbing-related situations out there. This comes from years of plumbing maintenance experience in the plumbing industry. Plumbers learn from every experience, and when they see an issue or situation they have encountered before, they will know the necessary precautions that must be undertaken to ensure that there is no excess damage.


An experienced plumber will also know what to look for when the problem is unknown, and once it is located, they will be able to rectify the issue with maximum efficiency. Undertaking these tasks on your own can take excess time and research.


Specialised Equipment

Although it may seem like a cheaper alternative to attempt plumbing fixes around your home on your own, once you have taken into account the equipment you might need, it can become quite expensive. A professional will have all of the necessary tools required for the vast majority of plumbing issues. Often, the equipment required for plumbing alterations is specific and designed to complete the task at hand as safely as possible.


As some plumbers are certified to work with gas, it is vital that they undertake this process with the necessary safety equipment, some of which may not be readily available for the DIY plumber.



To become a certified plumber, and receive your license, you must undergo years of training and preparation. All of this is designed to ensure that the tradesperson is efficient, knowledgeable and safe. Rather than risking further damage to yourself or home, a professional plumber will inherently have the know-how to get your plumbing system up and running.


Similarly, some plumbing tasks require additional certifications such as gas fitting qualifications. Breaching this is not only incredibly unsafe but illegal. There is also an array of equipment that needs certain training to operate that are commonly used by plumbers - another reason you should avoid doing plumbing tasks on your own.


The best way to avoid plumbing disasters is to get the professional plumbers like Hebbard Plumbing in Adelaide to do the job. Whether it is big or small, the best way to ensure the longevity of your home and well being is to let the experienced team covered all tasks. If you need some plumbing work done, give Hebbard Plumbing a call.