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How to detect an underground burst pipe

When it comes to plumbing, one of the hardest things to do is detect any sort of leak that can't be seen by the naked eye. While there are signs of this issue, if unattended, a leaking pipe can be extremely damaging to commercial and residential properties both financially and physically.

At Hebbard Plumbing Adelaide, we have seen enough of these kinds of leaks to know precisely how to find and combat them quickly. Although hiring a professional is the best way to fix this problem, there are a few things you can do to detect a leaking pipe before severe repercussions occur.

Look for the signs

An obvious way to detect a leaking pipe is to keep an eye out for excess water around the property. If you notice puddles and water trails in specific areas, a leaking pipe could be producing enough water to be present on the surface. Similarly, if the flooring is raising and deteriorating, it could be the result of water damage from a leaking pipe.


Another way to detect a burst or leaking underground pipe is to check your water meter periodically. If you check it over the hours where minimal water is used in your home, and it has increased exponentially, you know that you may have a leak somewhere.


Regular plumbing maintenance

By employing professionals to undertake semi-regular plumbing maintenance, these issues can either be detected in their infancy or prevented altogether. At Hebbard Plumbing, we can provide plumbing maintenance in Adelaidethat will be able to detect pressure levels and leaks. By doing this, the larger issues can be acted upon or prevented by ensuring that all of your plumbing needs are working all together. Whether it is your home or your business, plumbing maintenance should be undertaken regularly to ensure that you don't have costly and damaging issues down the track.


Hire a professional

Overall, the best way to not only detect these issues but fix them is to employ a professional like those at Hebbard Plumbing. If there is an issue, working with underground pipes should be a diligent task, so to avoid any further damage, this must be undertaken by a trained professional. Our team of plumbing experts know plumbing systems inside and out, and know where to look and how to look for any problems you may be having. Whether you have left it too late, or are looking to be proactive for the longevity of your property, Hebbard

Plumbing can help you with both.


There is no question how damaging an underground burst of leak can be to your property. So to be proactive, and avoid any issues in the future, contact our team at Hebbard Plumbing. Our professionals will know the best course of action and can implement a maintenance plan that will see your plumbing healthy for years to come.