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How To Find Those Hidden Water Leaks

August 28, 2016

Does the dripping of water keep you awake at night? Maybe that dripping is driving you crazy now but even a little leak could mean big problems in the future. Plumbing leakswill run up your water bill, promote the growth of mould and can lead to rotten woodwork. One little leak can lead to big repairs for your home and the worst thing is, sometimes you don’t even know they exist. Discovering leaks in your plumbing is vitally important to prevent major damage to your home in the future. To put your mind at rest we have compiled the spotters guide for sneaky leaks, helping you to find hidden water leaks in your home.



If your water leaks are hiding then how are you meant to find them? One of the easiest ways is to look at your water bill. If your water usage has increased in recent months or your water consumption simply doesn’t add up, then that might be a sign of a leak. Once you suspect that you have a leak, the next thing to do is to try and track it down.



One of the easiest ways to locate a leak in your home is by opening your ears. If you’ve noticed a spike in your water bill then listen out for leaks. Start by exploring the obvious places like visible pipes, sinks, toilets and washing machines. You can also listen out to your water meter. The ticking of your water meter could indicate a leak in your pipes. While you’re there take a look at your meter and see if it’s running unusually high.



If there is moisture build up on any of the surfaces inside or outside your home then this is probably a sign of a leak. Maybe your laundry floor is more soggy than expected or maybe you have an unusually green patch of grass in your yard. All of these things could indicate a leak.



If you can’t find your leak anywhere it could be hiding in the walls, slowly causing major damage to your home. As well as sagging and discolouration, smells coming from the walls could indicate mould growth.



If you’re afraid you’ve sprung a leak then get on to an experienced plumber right away, even if you can’t track it down. A plumber will perform a water damage investigation that will identify any leaks in your home. You’ll provided with a full report complete with notes and photos for any insurance claims. If no leak can be found then you still get peace of mind and your local plumber in Adelaide might be able to suggest another cause for your increased water usage.


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