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Plumbers who fix gas hot water.

September 14, 2017

If you have a problem with a gas hot water service, a typical reaction is to call a plumber to fix the issue. However, it is pivotal to get a tradesperson who works in both plumbing and gas fitting to correct issues with these services. As they are different trades and require different licenses, this can be difficult, and often involves getting a both a gas fitter and a plumber to fix problems with gas water heating. 


There are people available who can do both, and there are certain traits used to identify these types of tradespeople who specialise in both plumbing and gas hot water heating. Still, before the particular role of a plumber-gas fitter can be determined, it is important to understand what the term gas fitting entails. 


Qualified Tradespeople

When working with something as volatile and hazardous as gas, it is important that the person is experienced and qualified, and that an experienced gas fitter is solely responsible for fixing the problem. Essentially, the role of a gas fitter is to safely repair and maintain all of the gas related appliances within your home. This may be the pipes, valves and the burners in a hot water service. A gas fitter is also employed to install all gas related appliances used in businesses and homes. This job also involves providing advice to the home or business owner about using and maintaining gas appliances efficiently. 


Gas fitters are used to locate, test and repair gas leaks that could be potentially dangerous and the role is often defined as any work relating to gas connections. They can also install meters and regulators that monitor the amount of gas coming through as a way to detect leaks and problems early. These gas detection systems are a great addition to all homes for safety purposes, and can only be added by gas fitters. 

Why do I need a gas fitter for a water heater?

You may be wondering why you would need a gas fitter to fix a water heater. However, most issues with these types of water heaters involve gas flow. An instantaneous gas hot water system works by a burner that ignites every time a hot water tap is turned on inside the house. 


The gas burner heats the water as it flows through a pipe, and therefore only heats the exact amount of water you need. This means that as long as it is running efficiently, you will have an endless supply of hot water compared to a storage-based water heater that can run out of warm water after a few long showers. From this step up, the majority of problems that are encountered are to do with gas flow. Commonly this will be a gas leak resulting from a split or loose pipe somewhere in the system. This is the primary issue with the heaters, that would require fast attention, considering it can be extremely dangerous for the people inside. 


When it comes to fixing a hot water service, you may be looking solely for a plumber, however, if it is a gas hot water service, you’ll need tradespeople qualified in both areas. If you are looking to get an issue fixed relating to your gas water heater, it is vital that the tradesmen are licensed in both of these trades. This is for the benefit of having the work completed safely, and that all work you are organise is done legally! 


Find a plumber who has a gas fitting licence

First of all, it is important to find a plumber who has a gas fitting license. There are a lot of plumbers out there who advertise a gas-fitting service, but it is critical to ensure that they have the right license and are doing this task legally. While many gas fitters come from a plumbing background, not all plumbers are gas fitters. So if you need a gas hot water service to be fixed, make sure that the person or company you are getting to do it has both a gas fitting license and plumbing license.


Gas fitting takes an entirely different series of training before a tradesmen is qualified enough to get a license in the trade. Therefore if you have contracted a plumber to do this work, it is important to make sure they have undergone this level of training. There are also plumbers who offer disconnection services, but once again this legally requires a valid gas fitting qualification. This is one of the first things you should ask a plumber contracted to do the work. 



This also relates to safety. Someone with the correct training has an understanding of the dangers of gas leaks. It may be quickly stopping a leak before it becomes hazardous or detecting the exact location of a leak when you can only smell gas - these are concerns a gas-fitter is trained to look for. A professional with the necessary qualifications may also be able to identify issues that have not even been noticed by the homeowner, thus making a proactive decision to mend pipes before more costly damage is incurred. 


When looking for someone to do this work, it is important to not just go for the cheapest option, and rather explore these qualifications, certificates and permits in your potential plumber. Different gas fitters also specialise in various gas appliances. This could be barbecues, fires, or regular gas heaters. So it is important that your gas fitter has specific experience when it comes to repairing gas water heaters. 


By having a single individual who is experienced in both trades, you get a more personalised experience and a broader knowledge base from the individual. If you are looking for a plumber/gas fitter, give Hebbard Plumbing a call!