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What to look for when choosing a plumber

There are so many things to consider when you need plumbing work done in your home, but none are more important than finding the right person or business to help you out. When looking for the right person for the job, there are a few things you can research that will indicate whether you are getting the best possible service for your home or business. If it is the installation of a certain product, or maintenance to blocked pipes, the following are a few of the main things to look for in a plumber: 


Plumbing Experience 

It may seem obvious, but generally the more time in the industry a individual plumber or a plumbing business has had, the better they will be at solving the issues at hand. By finding out how long the company has been operating you can gauge the amount of experience they have had in the specific field. 


If it is either gas fitting, or implementing new appliances to your home, if the company or individual has years of experience in specific residential plumbing services you know that they have dealt with various complications. Similarly, if a company handles a broad range of plumbing services, the knowledge they can deliver for your project is invaluable based on the amount of situations and problems they have been exposed to. 


Another way to determine whether you are going to get the best possible plumbing experience is to check out the equipment your potential contractor uses. It is important that the plumber has the essential equipment required to complete your task. 


It is unrealistic to assume that every plumber has the newest technological tools available, but a range of necessary equipment and items will suggest that they are prepared for any potential issues that may arise with the work. For example, if a problem is more severe that it seems on the surface, a well-equipped plumber should be able to adapt to the new problem based on having the right tools available. In the initial stages, if the problem has been identified, you should ask whether they have the correct tools to undertake the proposed task effectively. This will ensure that they are experienced and prepared, eliminating any issues with completing the task within a timeframe.


A plumber should have the necessary qualifications needed to cater to your specific proposed job. Aside from a plumbing license, if the job also involves gas fitting, the plumber should have the correct license and permit for that too. This is always the first thing you should check when screening a potential contractor. 


Additionally, if plumbing companies are members of certain groups or associations such as Master Plumbers South Australia, it commonly means that they are certified in the eyes of the industry. 


Members of these associations communicate with other industry professionals and are constantly provided with the best learning resources to keep them up to date with the latest advances in the world of plumbing. This means that their customers are getting a service from the most knowledgeable tradesmen in the business. 



In today’s age, it is easy to determine a company’s reputation based on the reviews or testimonials found online. If you are considering approaching a company for a quote on a job, an internet search and examination of the reviews can inform you as to any issues that have been encountered by former clients of the company. 


Often, this can lead to finding a situation where a client encountered a similar situation to your own regarding the specifics of the job. This gives you a clear testimony as to what process you should expect when working with the group, good or bad.


Credibility can also be determined by exploring the web presence of the company you are considering. If galleries, descriptions and the aforementioned reviews can all be found, the more information you are being provided about the specific projects the company undertakes effectively. 



With all plumbing-related tasks you may need done, it is absolutely vital that your home is protected in the case of an unlikely accident. Some plumbing work can be quite risky to the longevity of your home, so any kind of guarantee or insurance cover is an important component to look for in a plumber.


This peace of mind contributes to the ease of getting plumbing work done in and around your space. It is important to know if the work causes some kind of flooding, the insurance cover or work guarantee the plumber has, keeps you covered. 


During the quoting process, this should be something you ask before proceeding with the plumber, as it could be the preemptive step necessary to ensuring no lasting damage will be incurred to your home.



Put simply, different plumbing companies specialise in different areas. It could be differentiating between commercial and residential plumbing maintenance, or a certain area type of system within a house such as sanitary plumbing or hot water supply.  

These niches may be specific to the type of work you need done in your home or business, so getting someone who has worked extensively in the particular area may be the difference between getting a quality or sub-par job. If you know exactly what your plumbing requirements will be, with some research you can determine what type of plumber caters to that project - making the entire process more effective. 


Regardless of whether the project is big or small, all of the above are the essential things you should be looking out for when organising a plumber for your next job. For a professional Plumbing service in Adelaide, call Hebbard Plumbing!